Transition space is the space within which one can explore changes in one’s life. It’s a creative space where experiments can happen and people can become innovative and enthusiastic given the right focus. Here are few examples: DECKS Decks are connecting spaces from an indoor environment to outdoor environment which in turn can […]



Transition spaces are the spaces that can neither be categorized as indoor nor as outdoor spaces and are located between indoor and outdoor or public and private spaces. They perform functions of influencing human behavior ,including visual separation or connection, territorial definition and control of traffic and climatic factors. Traversing through transition space is different […]


Indoor to outdoor… We live in the beautiful world where we are god gifted by nature and its natural resources. Exploring nature and living symbiotically with nature is always important in our lives. We are staying in a concrete jungle and are missing nature’s soothing elements. So its utter important to bridge the gap between […]


Vanishing Architecture….. Central courtyard houses of Goa -the origin of which lies in the Indus valley civilization. Traditional homes of Goa houses central courtyard named as “Radhangan” with tulsi Vrindavan in it for Hindu homes. Open to sky courtyard in the center is surrounded by all other rooms around it keeping the house cool in […]

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