Form, Function, Space, Structure……


 Architecture is the built realization of a particular conceptual idea be it about construction or the way people use the structure or its relation to the environment. Architects develop these concepts using scientific methods at various levels.These levels include context , history, aesthetics, infrastructure, structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, security system etc. All these ideas communicated cleverly, creatively and with keen interest in human behaviour results in the end product. Thus #form, #function, #space and #structure of the conceptual idea play vital role and all are interdependable on each other to produce “Architectural Expression”.


  #architectural interdependence

Form and space are complementary and inseparable aspects of architecture. Form of a building is its physical substance: the materials and structures that make up the building and enclose or create the spaces within it. Form contains functional spaces and space offers particular experiences. There are many factors that will affect the relationship between form and functionality of a building, including technology, uses of space and materials for building. Space can only be created through the use of form. Form is the mass or grouping of materials used to give a building its shape. Functionality should always be given priority than form. Structure by itself is not valuable without the form. Structure holds the form of the building together through foundation, beams and interconnecting members.


  #architectural interdependence

#21ST Century Architects have realized that most forms should be determined solely by function which in turn follow space and structure. Architects are no longer limited to straight lines and rectilinear volumes due to advanced computer technology and availability of vast building materials and techniques. All forms can be erected following the functionality of the building, accommodating the spacial  needs and fulfilling the structural laws.



Architect from Mumbai.

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