Transition spaces are the spaces that can neither be categorized as indoor nor as outdoor spaces and are located between indoor and outdoor or public and private spaces. They perform functions of influencing human behavior ,including visual separation or connection, territorial definition and control of traffic and climatic factors. Traversing through transition space is different feel from being on either side of it to emphasize the significance of entering and exiting the space.
Transition spaces create spatial opportunity for a range of activities rather than being built to serve a specific function . Transition space take up function of nearby space and act as a spill over of the immediate space. Climate and culture of the locality plays important role in shaping transitional spaces.

Transition spaces can be categorized into
3 main categories.

1)From Public to private space
Archways, huge doorways to temples, Gateways to the complex are few examples of public to private space transition.


2)Outdoor to indoor
Linking corridors, verandahs, patios, decks, courtyards, foyers, terraces are few examples of outdoor to indoor transition spaces.


3)From one static space to other static space
Passage, lobby, staircase, elevators, ramps are few examples of transition space between two static spaces.


Thus transition spaces play very important role in the field of Architecture and one has to frequently traverse these spaces from one environment to the other. Elements used to define these spaces play a very crucial role. To give the aesthetic appeal to the space, materials used and the way they are used is very important.

E.g instead of giving a boring passage we can make it more interesting depending on its location.
-Make the passage into entertaining zone or get some activities happening throughout the passage to involve the passer by.
-Create visual connections in between to break the monotony .
-Integrate the outdoor landscape in between the passage so when one traverse through these transition spaces they are lively and happening.



Architect from Mumbai.

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