Indoor to outdoor…

We live in the beautiful world where we are god gifted by nature and its natural resources. Exploring nature and living symbiotically with nature is always important in our lives. We are staying in a concrete jungle and are missing nature’s soothing elements. So its utter important to bridge the gap between indoor and outdoor. Whatever is the style of construction, connecting to the outdoor through design will enrich your space and your life.
Architecture is art and science of the building, but science aspect is not something that many of us undertake. So its utmost important to use design with natural elements to bestow wellbeing benefits. In today’s world humans have rushed to live in urban spaces and they are disconnected from nature, which is having detrimental impact on their health. Improving air circulation and quality, and connecting indoor spaces to outdoors through incorporation of plants, green roof, green walls into design are very important.
*Careful sequencing of internal and external spaces into the house creates a series of seamless transition.
*Covered terraces, balconies, decks, offers spaces that are covered on top but open on 2 or 3 sides which creates connection with outdoors.
*Introduction of courtyard which extends to the outdoor landscape will transit the space.
*Skylight is another way of capturing view of the sky in cozy spaces.
*Giving large picture windows, doors in view direction will catch ones eyes towards nature.
*Open to sky terraces with terrace gardens, seating spaces, play areas creates strong link between nature and home.


Thus it is crucial to bridge the gap between indoor and outdoor by building connections with nature to reduce stress and aid recuperation, thus enriching your space and life.



Architect from Mumbai.

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